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YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO IT ALONE.....................

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A Word from the Founder/Director

I believe all of us in one way or another is affected by substance abuse.  If not an addict, the loved one of an addict.  None of us are immune, and I truly believe we all are merely one good accident away from potentially becoming one ourselves.
I am a licensed educator, I have a background in employment and training, mental health and, of course, substance abuse counseling.

You know, I'm pretty sure that nobody on this earth dreams of becoming an addict.  I feel people have been put down, shamed, low socio-economic status, depressed, no job, lack of family support, wanting to fit in, etc. ...... the list can be endless. I also believe in the worth of human beings.  What kind of people are we if we cannot aid another?  Mahatma Ghandi said it best when he said, "My life is my message."

 One hundred years from now it will not matter that my eyes are green, my body aging and my hands hurting.  What will matter is that I lived my life trying to make life better for others. That helps me to rest easy at night. I hope you never need our services, but if you do, please consider us. 

-Yolanda Queen

Think only the young are addicted? Think again.

Very often children of addicts get 'lost in the shuffle' so to speak.  Often they become the product of neglect. While their parents may love them as much as always, addiction leads parents to become negligent in their parental roles.  Who suffers? The child.  It just makes sense that if you help the parent, you help the child.  Imagine a world where a child has a parent who can adequately meet their needs.  Think of how a child would feel to see their parents in the stands of their Little League game, or know their parent is in the audience during their school play, a parent to help with homework, make cookies, or, make sure they are fed, bathed, clothed and loved like a parent should.  You can help make this happen........... just visit our Donate page!